The Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum has amassed one of the largest and most diverse collections of historic railroad equipment in Ohio.


Nickel Plate Road 757

Type: Steam Locomotive
Builder: Lima Locomotive Works
Built: 1944
Acquired: February, 2019

FSX 353 - US Air Force/France Stone Co

Type: Diesel Electric 45-Tonner
Builder: GE (General Electric)
Built: 1942
Acquired: 2004

Note: Painted US Air Force on one side and France Stone Co. opposite.

Wabash Railroad no. 671

Type: Diesel Electric F-7A
Builder: GMD (General Motors Diesel)
Built: 1951
Acquired: December, 1981

NKP no. 349 | N&W no. 2349

Type: Diesel Electric EMD SD-9
Builder: GMD (General Motors Diesel)
Built: 1957
Acquired: September, 2010

Cleveland Electric & Illuminating Co. No. 7

Type: Fireless Steam
Builder: H.K. Porter
Built: 1943
Type: 0-6-0
Acquired: July, 1977

Milwaukee Road 740

Type: Diesel Electric
Builder: Fairbanks Morse
Built: 1952
Type: H-12-44
Acquired: December, 1982

Nickel Plate Road no. 329

Type: Diesel Electric RSD-12
Builder: ALCO (American Locomotive Company)
Built: 1957
Acquired: January, 1983

New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad No. 900

Type: Diesel Electric EMD GP-30
Builder: GMD (General Motors Diesel)
Built: 1962
Acquired: December, 1990

Kaiser Aluminum Co.

Type: Diesel Mechanical JCD-18
Builder: Plymouth
Built: 1943
Acquired: October, 1989

Baltimore & Ohio no. 9096

Type: Diesel Electric Model S-4
Builder: ALCO (American Locomotive Company)
Built: 1956
Acquired: July, 1997

Sandusky (Replica)
Mad River & Lake Erie Railroad

Type: Steam Locomotive Replica
Builder: Pangborn Models (For the B&O Railroad)
Built: 1892
Acquired: 1992

Pennsylvania RR/Sandusky Coal Dock Corp. #2

Type: Electric Car Pusher
Builder: Atlas Car Company
Built: 1920’s
Acquired: August, 1991

Passenger Equipment - Under Construction

Freight Equipment - Under Construction

Nickel Plate Road Boxcar no. 25228

Type: 40′ Steel Boxcar
Builder: Standard Steel Car Co. (for Wheeling & Lake Erie)
Built: 1925

URTX no. 31003

Type: 50′ Mechanical Refrigerator Car
Builder: ****
Built: 1945
Acquired: 1976

Cabooses - Under Construction

Structures - Under Construction

Other - Under Construction