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757 at Home

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Berkshire Dinner Buffet (9/13)

Join us on September 25th for a very special BBQ dinner fundraiser! Enjoy the sights and sounds of historic locomotive no. 765 under steam at the museum and a multi-course buffet meal. Train rides are included! To make your reservation and check out the menu, click here.

Berkshire Dinner


NKP Diner Renovations (8/19)

Our Nickel Plate diner has received interior renovations!

Our Nickel Plate diner No. 127 has seen many changes over the years since it was built in 1927. The car was put into wreck train service in the 1960s. That means it was used to feed railroad crews involved with cleaning up large derailments and restoring the track structure from damage. During this conversion, many of the ornate fixtures were removed and the interior became very utilitarian. This is how we received the car several years ago.

Although a full restoration of the interior to the original configuration would be nearly impossible, we have done our best to replicate the spirt of a dining car configuration that was common in the 1930s and 40s.

This car is regularly used every year for our Car Show, Holiday Trains, and other special events. Check out our before and after photos of the dining room!

NKP Diner   NKP Diner


Berkshires in Bellevue (7/20)

We're thrilled to announce the return of historic steam locomotive no. 765 and our friends at the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society for Berkshires in Bellevue September 24th through October 3rd. Click here for details and ticket information or visit our Special Events page.

Berkshires in Bellevue


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