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Silver Dome and Amtrak Restoration Begins (2-18-17)

Saturday, February 18th, was a very active day at the museum. Interior restoration of the Silver Dome has begun and the Amtrak 1970's decor is on its way out. Seat cushions were removed to be reupholstered and to allow the interior work to be done. Much of the work in the Silver Dome was made possible by a grant from the Tom E. Daily Foundation. Also, more progress was made on rebuilding track for the NKP 900 to sit on.

Silver Dome and Amtrak Restoration Begins
Seats being removed from the lower level of the Silver Dome.
Silver Dome and Amtrak Restoration Begins
Looking up to the dome through the stairway on the Silver Dome.
Silver Dome and Amtrak Restoration Begins
The dome's condition has been poor recently and we've closed it off from public display for a couple years now. Before work could begin, we spent some time replacing light bulbs and illuminating the dome. After we could see, the seats started coming out.
Silver Dome and Amtrak Restoration Begins
Seat cushions from the Silver Dome.

Museum Relocates Rolling Stock (1-22-17)

Museum Relocates Rolling Stock

Things have been pretty quite here at the museum for the last month. Now that everyone has recovered from the Holidays, and we've been blessed with warm weather, the list of winter and spring projects begin. Saturday, several pieces were moved east for the first time since 1992. The track that displays the NKP 900 locomotive has been slowly sinking into the earth. We will be working to rebuilt this track over the next few weeks.


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