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Thomas Hogg

Obituary of Thomas Hogg from Sandusky Register April 23, 1881

Thomas Hogg Dies at his Home at 1:45 Thursday Morning.

On Thursday morning at 1:45 Mr. Thos. Hogg, of Danbury township, died at his home, of gastritis, His death was not unexpected, as he had been sick for about two weeks. His children were all with him at his death. His last words were "All's well."

Mr. Hogg was born in Preston, Lancaster England, March 16, 1808, and was therefore a little more than seventy-three years of age at his death. He was well known throughout this county, and this part of the state, and highly esteemed and respected by all. He has been active almost to the time of his death, and managed his farm and fruit business himself, even at the ripe old age to which he had attained. Mr. Hogg was a man of strict integrity and of personal qualifications that has endeared him to all his neighbors and his death will be felt among a large family to mourn the loss. His life was connected with one of the greatest historical events of this state - the introduction of the railroad interests--he having superintended the transportation of the first locomotive engine--the Sandusky--that ever crossed the Alleghenies, which he set up in Sandusky and ran on the first railroad built in the state...He was master mechanic of the old Sandusky, Mansfield and Newark railroad for twenty years.

The remains will be buried in Sandusky on Saturday, the steamer Hayes taking the friends over. The procession will leave the house at 8:30 to go to Fox's dock.

And so departs another of our illustrious pioneer citizens. Death reaps a harvest and takes all classes, and Mr. Hogg will be laid away with many tears and regrets from anguished hearts. But "sustained and soothed by an unflattering trust," he approached his grave.

"Like one who wraps the drapery of his coach About him, and lies down to pleasant pleasant dreams."

Above items sent to the Mad River and NKP Railroad Society, Inc by Thomas R. Hogg, Great Great Grandson of the above.

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