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Mad River Anthology

The Mad River & NKP Railroad Society Proudly Presents
The First Ever Book About The Museum
- An Anthology

The Anthology is a book written about the railroad history of Bellevue and Northern Ohio. It documents the making of the Mad River and NKP Railroad Society Museum. It is a collection of stories about the hard work and dedication of the people who made the museum one of the finest railroad museums in the United States.

The Anthology is a soft cover, full color front and back book with 132 pages of text and 278 (Black & White) pictures. The Anthology is more than a documentary; it is a story of People, Events, Museum Rolling Stock and much, much more.

Front Cover
Back Cover

Anthology - Forward

This assembly of information and documentation about the Mad River and Nickel Plate Railroad Society Museum (MR & NKP Museum) is intended to bring together all of the information available about the making of the museum into one document. The many notes, newsletters, pictures, verbal accounts, and stories available will now be under one file and cover so that they may be preserved much like the equipment and museum pieces left in our charge.

For anyone new to the museum may it be helpful to have an organized account of how the museum grew from an idea amongst a few Rail Fans and Historians to its current state. This document should be of value to new members, new volunteers and to anyone getting into running the museum, for example those interested in becoming a trustee or an officer.

It is intended that this document, when completed, will be assembled into a professional state that allows it to be published and offered for sale in the museum gift shop. The hope is that casual visitors and amateur historians alike will find the information within educational and interesting. It will be a "keepsake" of their visit to the museum.

For the many Mad River & NKP Museum volunteers over the last thirty plus years, reading through this history and seeing the pictures will bring back memories. Some memories will be of sore muscles, and maybe even disagreements or hard feelings. But for most, they will find memories that are good; of people who pulled together for a common goal of making the museum successful.

Most of all, this record of the history of the museum shall be for future volunteers, to use as a guide and inspiration. When they read what the museum founders have done, may they believe in what can be done to maintain what we have and build for future success. What we have in the Mad River & NKP Museum is something for which we all can be proud. The sons, daughters, and descendants of those that worked so hard to build the museum, and the community, can be proud of the legacy they left. If they had not done these things, much of what we enjoy in the museum would be gone like the thousands of steam engines that are lost in time.

May this record in some way help to make the museum continue to grow and prosper for a hundred years to come. - Dale Owens


Chapter 1 - The Railroads

  • The Mad River Railroad
  • The Toledo, Norwalk & Cleveland Railroad
  • The Nickel Plate Railroad
  • Bellevue's Railroad Family (How other railroads affected the area)
  • The Depots
Chapter 2 - Foundations
Chapter 3 - The Great Train Rides
Chapter 4 - The Roster (In Order Of Acquisition)
Chapter 5 - The Come & Gone (Rolling Stock or displays that were at the museum but have been removed).
Chapter 6 - Mixed Consist - Events, Celebrations, Memories, People and Other Things

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